Physiotherapy volunteering and internship program

Art in Tanzania’s Physiotherapy volunteer internship program allows participants to implement their knowledge and skills for development work in Africa. You gain hands-on practical experience and help to contribute to social improvement.

We support village dispensaries and larger hospitals to conduct physical therapy care for the community. You work alongside local professionals to provide much-needed assistance. In addition, you can join sports physiotherapy at a Football Youth Academy and work with young players to provide much-needed care for injuries, stretching, and recovery. Thereon, you advocate to the teams the importance of good nutrition, hygiene, and other public health issues.

Join Art in Tanzania’s community physiotherapy program to empower services for local communities and improve the lives of the local community. Contact us for more information or to apply for the program.

Community and Clinical Physiotherapy

Apply your knowledge and skills to practical situations, engage with patients, and give advice and support. The clinical-based physiotherapy takes place in larger hospitals. Tanzanian medical professionals supervise your work. 

You may also conduct home-based work for post-surgery and other social care. 

Work With the Football Teams

Educate young players on physiotherapy, focusing on recovery, stretching, and injuries. Advocate the importance of good nutrition, hygiene, and other public health issues. 

I also worked with the top Tanzanian sports clubs, assisting in caring for their players, supervised by the club physicians.

Join the physiotherapy program, and fill in the application form.