Life in the Village

The Tanzanian way of life in Madale Village is relaxed, welcoming, and community-orientated. The people are warm and friendly and take great pleasure in hosting a guest; they prepare food to share and embrace you with ‘Karibu Sana’ (you are very welcome!). Due to the weather being so warm and sunny, people spend most of their time outside or underneath the shade of palm trees; there is always a feeling of friendship as you walk past neighbours relaxing together and children playing beside them. The stores and cafes in the village are authentic, personal, and run by the locals; bananas and mangos hang from stall rooves, and cooks tend to simmer pots and pans above open fires. Chickens’ leading broods of chicks pluck curiously in the warm African sun, and insects buzz in the green bushes.

Despite the beauty and calmness in Madale, extreme poverty exists all around; many children cannot afford to go to school, and other human rights issues cause serious issues. While local orphanages are places of happiness and excitement, much sadness and help are also needed. Crucial topics such as climate change, disaster management, HIV, and sexual health, among others, are scarcely known amongst the local population, and much education is needed to improve awareness. Sustainability, waste management, and environmental responsibility are also not widely known, so we endeavour to provide solutions for local people. Art in Tanzania plays a vital role in Madale village and works daily to support the community we are a part of. Contact us for more information.