International Relations in Africa program

Art in Tanzania has 15-40 participants who assist in community work throughout the year. Participants come from different parts of the world. In addition, we work with over 400 universities offering placements for their students to learn to work in programs in Africa.

Developing and studying how NGOs operate in development work in international relations.

Your tasks include as follows:

Practical community development work in African societies, including schools, companies, various target groups such as women’s development groups, environmental tasks, etc.

We work with NGO consortiums such as UNICEF, UN, etc., for specific targets to develop the Tanzanian society.

Human rights advocacy work and support.

Advocacy of the development aid for Africa and how the communities benefit from it.

Options to tailor your tasks according to your internship preferences, such as your preferred focus, your studies, preferences and previous experience.

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Cross-Project Involvement

Be a part of all ongoing projects, learn about what is happening on the compound, solve interns’ problems, organise departments to work together, help with education, environmental projects, etc., and help new volunteers and interns with their projects. These tasks give you a great experience in how NGOs operate in a developing country.

NGO Daily Management

Become a team leader on the compound, monitor weekly reports of other interns from various professions, solve human resource-related issues, assist in team project management, develop long-term goals and new approaches to problems, organise team meetings, and assist in NGO financing, accounting, and grant application preparation work.

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