Village Education Volunteering and Internship

Tanzania empowers educational programs in the village nursery and primary and secondary schools. Additionally, we run adult vocational training activities in Tanzania. The Art in Tanzania Educational program complies with the Children’s Agenda approach implemented by a coalition including UNICEF and Save the Children.

The program also includes educational assistance for children living with disabilities.

Participants are specifically needed to cover subjects for which the schools’ abilities to provide education are weak. Essential areas of development include English, arts and music, mathematics, and physical education.

In addition, interns raise awareness of HIV/AIDS, health, hygiene, and environmental topics such as climate change.

Debate-based English training is a trendy subject. Although classroom tools are scarce, and the number of pupils in the school can be over 40, energetic and innovative educators are much needed. Grow, learn, and discover a new part of yourself through our exciting and authentic African experience.

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School-Age Education

Visit primary and secondary schools in the local community, teach subjects such as maths, English, arts and music, and physical education, work one-on-one with individual students and as a whole class teacher, and help make a massive difference in the lives of children in Tanzania.

Adult Vocational Education

Work with adults in the local community, work with women who lack basic skills such as maths and engage with village people in debate-based English classes where you will discuss exciting topics and help improve their English.

Children Under School Age Education

Work at the nursery schools to make a difference for the children. Assist at the local orphanage, help with primary education, play with the children, bring energy and fun to their days, and make real connections to those in society who need it most.

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