Climate Change Adjustment Volunteering and Internship

Art in Tanzania is working to evaluate and produce solutions to Africa’s climate change and human rights issues. Some 75% of Tanzanian people live in rural areas, and their livelihood, based on agricultural income, will be highly affected by climate change. The vulnerable groups, such as women, youth, and people with disabilities, are the most affected. This program is an approach to evaluating the present situation and future scenarios and developing models for possible solutions. 

International Volunteers and Interns help us perform advocative work in schools and communities, conduct thesis and research tasks, and create practical solutions to help combat climate change. We encourage students to be innovative, problem-solve, open-minded, and passionate about creating change. Work independently or in a team on topics you care about, from recycling and waste management to developing initiatives such as solar-powered ovens and homemade wind turbines. Witness the harmful effects of climate change in a developing economy and apply the knowledge and skills you have developed at university to make a real difference, as seen in this work report of our intern student.

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Climate Change Advocacy

The public’s knowledge of Climate Change in Tanzania is still poor. Please help us advocate for schools and communities on how climate change affects people’s everyday lives now and in the future. For example, household tasks such as using dry toilets to save water and “grey” water, a mix of urine and shower water, for irrigation and composting should be introduced.

Climate Change and Waste Management Engineering

Currently, waste management is poor in Tanzania. Work to help improve this, work with corporations initiating sustainable recycling and waste management approaches, and develop solutions for yourself. Currently, we are working on establishing our compound as a community pick-up point for plastic bottles. Work on engineering projects, such as developing homemade wind turbines for the community, plastic pyrolysis as a solution to turn plastic bottles into diesel as a sustainable energy source, solar-powered ovens to reduce charcoal consumption, water purification, and many more, develop your initiatives or join ongoing projects.

Climate Change and Corporate Social Responsibility

Engage with existing corporate partners of Art in Tanzania and involve new companies in socially and environmentally responsible campaigns, raise school awareness and advocate responsible actions by local and international companies. Climate change as part of the corporate social responsibility program.

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