Film Production and Photography Volunteer and Internship work in Africa

Art in Tanzania’s Media internship allows students to develop their photography or filmmaking skills in Tanzania. Journey to a friendly and welcoming village community where you will find beautiful and emotional moments to capture daily. Work with interns from other programs and visit local schools and orphanages, tree plantings, community events, hospitals and more; use your camera to photograph or film these life-changing experiences and capture the colour, sound, and life within them. As well as village life, you will also be able to explore the untamed beauty of Tanzania’s national parks and the rich culture of Zanzibar. Build a stunning gallery of your time for your projects and portfolio, and help us advocate for social change. Daily photographs and film clips are published for social media advocacy and marketing. We encourage interns to be creative, learn from local people and immerse themselves in African arts, music, dance, and fabric production. Embark on a journey of a lifetime and capture it using media to empower social change. Contact us for more information.

Film Production Volunteer

Use film to extend the beauty of moments you experience. Film people, places, animals, landscapes, or whatever subject interests you. Help us produce films documenting life in Tanzania and the stories our interns tell. Create influential films to inspire social change. You can also join African filmmaking teams.

Photography Volunteer

Photographing local community and projects Art in Tanzania is working on capturing fun moments, excitement, emotion, and sadness. So build your portfolio, photograph landscapes such as national parks, beaches, and forests, or portraits of local village people and the Art in Tanzania team; enjoy the freedom to photograph however you prefer.

Digital Marketing Volunteer

Use our social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to promote your work, reach our substantial online followings, help us to promote and market Art in Tanzania, and use film and photography to tell stories and project emotion.

Volunteer and intern to help the African communities. Fill in the application form.